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Sending your Phone Bank to Another Round

It is important to try to reach all your contacts in the VPB. That being said, you will never be able to reach everyone on the first try alone. People are home at different times of the day on different days of the week so it may take various attempts before you actually manage to speak to them. This is why it is important to send your list to another round, in order to make another attempt at contacting the people you could not speak to the first time.

This can be particularly useful if you set up a dynamic phone bank. A dynamic phone bank, when sent to the next round, will automatically update the list of people to contact based on the criteria you had used in your search initially. This means that your VPB can potentially consist of a whole new set of volunteers, donors, or voters to speak to or it can remove people that you've spoken to on the doorstep in the meantime, as long as your search is constructed correctly.


1. Begin on the side of the database in which the Virtual Phone Bank was created.

2. Find your Virtual Phone Bank (VPB)

● In the Administrative Column, click on Phone Services. From there, click on Virtual Phone Bank.

● A list of all VPBs currently active in your local area will appear.
● Find the VPB that you have recently completed and click on the title in blue to open the set-up page.

3. Send your VPB to a Second Round

● Click the button on the top right-hand corner that says Send to Round 2. If you phone bank is based on a search, you'll be asked to confirm which contact responses should make it into round 2.  It is normal to call back those who were Not Home or requested a Call Back.  You can also include those that were Engaged.

4. Continue Making Phone Calls

● Your callers can then return to the Virtual Phone Bank to continue calling.
● It used to be that sending the phone bank to the next round changed the VPB Code that your users had to type in.  Thankfully that is no longer the case, so whenever they log in now they'll be given the latest round of calling.

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