May must bin ECJ red line if she's serious about safety and security 

Responding to the Prime Minister's remarks today on the UK's commitment to European defence and security post-Brexit, Lib Dem Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said:

By Liberal Democrats, Sep 29, 2017 2:09

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

"This is a welcome u-turn from attempts to use security co-operation as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations.

"But it should not have taken six months for Theresa May to make clear that support for our European allies is unconditional.

"The Prime Minister must now make the same case at the Conservative Party conference as she has today in Estonia.

"Crucially, she must face down the hard Brexiteers in her party and admit that a no deal scenario would be a disaster for our security.

"From terrorism to cyber security, crime doesn't respect national borders. It's vital we are able to continue to co-operate with our European friends and allies, meaning Theresa May has to bin her red line on the European Court of Justice if she's serious about our safety and security."

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