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Jo Swinson tables motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson

If a vote of no confidence doesn’t happen today, we’re stuck with Boris Johnson and his nightmare Government until September. It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn to stop propping up this Conservative Brexit Government.

By , Jul 25, 2019 11:07

Jo Swinson speaking at Lib Dem conference.

Boris Johnson holds no mandate from the public or Parliament.

His steadfast refusal to rule out proroguing Parliament in order to crash the UK out of the EU demonstrates that he is willing to jeopardise our NHS, jobs, and the economy.

He is not fit to lead this country. 
That is why I have tabled this motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson with my Liberal Democrat colleagues.

It is also why I have written to Jeremy Corbyn calling on him to table an official vote of no confidence in the new Prime Minister.

Corbyn is the only person who can do this. It is time he stops aiding and abetting this Conservative Brexit and act.
Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to stop Brexit.

We will do all we can to work cross-party to secure a people’s vote with the option to stay in the EU.

Join our team today – and help us stop Brexit:

Update: Jeremy Corbyn has refused to back Jo’s motion of no confidence – it looks like he’d rather hold a rally, than get rid of the Tories.

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