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Johnson resigns to back final say on Brexit

Transport Minister Jo Johnson resigns and comes out in favour of a People's Vote on Brexit.

By Liberal Democrats, Nov 09, 2018 5:11

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

Today, Jo Johnson quit as a Conservative government minister over the Brexit deal Theresa May is putting together - a deal which gives people the worst of both worlds. 

The choice being presented to the British people is no choice at all.

Jo Johnson MP

In his resignation statement, Johnson said that the deal being concocted will inflict "serious economic and political harm on the country". He said what is happening is not what anyone wants and the 2016 referendum did not provide any mandate for it. 

And he said that "on this most crucial of questions, I believe it is entirely right to go back to the people and ask them to confirm their decision to leave the EU". 

We agree wholeheartedly. 

The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for the people to have a final say on the Conservative government's deal for two years. 

On this most crucial of questions, I believe it is entirely right to go back to the people.

Jo Johnson MP

And slowly but surely, we are winning support from all corners of the political spectrum

Mr Johnson becomes the 118th MP to support a People's Vote. This is an incredible feat - but not nearly enough given that 51% of the public support it. 

As Mr Johnson says, Britain stands on the brink of the greatest crisis since the Second World War.

We need to keep fighting to win a final say for the people and the opportunity to demand better than this national embarrassment.

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