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New policy working groups

We have set up three new policy working groups: read more and apply to join.

The three new working groups will look at:

  • The future of work: This group will look at how we should respond to the changing nature of work.  It will address issues including: how to equip people to succeed in a more flexible, knowledge-based economy; empowerment in the workplace; the growth of insecure employment and the so-called ‘gig economy’; high levels of stress and low levels of well-being among the workforce; and reducing inequalities in the labour market. 
  • The natural environment: There are a number of pressing challenges facing the natural environment including: risks to biodiversity; pressures on the landscape; water shortages and flooding; depletion of finite natural resources. This group will focus on tackling these issues and developing policies around recycling and waste management, the ‘circular economy’ and sustainable agriculture. (Please note that while natural environment issues are clearly related to climate change, the group will not focus on that as the FPC has a policy paper on climate change going to Conference in Autumn this year).
  • Utilities: This group will look at utilities such as electricity, water, rail, sewerage and telecommunications. The group will consider how competition and regulation works and the scope for different forms of ownership. 

These working groups will start work in July 2019, with a view to producing consultation papers for discussion at Spring Conference 2020 and final drafts for the FPC to consider over the period April – June 2020.

As a member of a working group you will work with other members to take evidence, identify the main challenges and develop distinctively Liberal Democrat policy that will appeal to voters and that would be effective in solving the identified problems.

Members of working groups are expected to attend regular meetings in London (if you cannot attend in person, videoconferencing is available), contribute to discussion and to contribute towards producing consultation and policy papers (either through drafting or through commenting on drafts). Groups may also choose to operate a fare-pooling scheme to help members who live further away from London with the cost of attending meetings.

The role is voluntary and the time commitment averages around two hours per week.

Please apply by 13.00 Wednesday 3rd July using this form.




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