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New policy working groups

There are three policy working groups that are currently open for applications.

The Federal Policy Committee has launched three new working groups on Food and Farming, Opportunity, Skills and Training and International Security, and is looking for applicants.

Food and Farming

This group will consider how we can improve our approach to food and farming, including looking at the future of farming and fishing, food security and supply chains, food poverty, nutrition and healthy eating, food production and animal welfare.

Opportunity, Skills and Training

This group will look at giving people the skills to be successful in their lives. This will include vocational education from ages 14-19, careers advice, further education, tackling the Post-Brexit skills crisis, adult education and lifelong learning. 

International Security

This group will look at how the UK can strengthen its international security, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This group will address the International Security Institutional Architecture, UK Defence Policy, European Security and Defence Cooperation, Environment and Security (inc Energy Security), Economic security (eg vulnerabilities of supply chains), Combatting International terrorism, Novel threats e.g. Cyber Warfare and Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution.

The groups will start work as soon as possible, with a view to producing consultation papers for discussion at Spring Conference 2023 and final papers for debate at Autumn Conference 2023.

As a member of a working group you will work with other members to take evidence, identify the main challenges and develop distinctively Liberal Democrat policy that will appeal to voters and that would be effective in solving the identified problems.

Members of working groups are expected to attend regular meetings, contribute to discussion and contribute towards producing consultation and policy papers (either through drafting or through commenting on drafts). The meetings are currently mostly taking place online, with some meetings in person in London (but with opportunity for online participation).

The role is voluntary and the time commitment averages around two hours per week.

If you’d like to play an active role in creating policy and making positive changes for the future, then please apply to the groups that interest you with the web forms below by 12 noon on the 27th April:

Food and Farming

Opportunity, Skills and Training

International Security


If you have any questions about the remit or process, please email Joe Wright on [email protected]

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