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New policy working groups

There are three policy working groups that are currently open for applications.

The Federal Policy Committee has launched three new working groups on Homes and Planning, Early Years, and A Caring Society, and is looking for applicants.

Homes and Planning

The group will consider how we can tackle the housing crisis in England. It will look at how we can deliver affordable and sustainable homes, promote sustainable communities  and economic development and empower local people to have control over development.

Early Years Education and Childcare in England Ages 0-7

The Early Years working group will look at childcare from ages 0-7, specifically looking at how we can deliver on our childcare pledges from the 2019 Manifesto. It will also consider wider issues related to the early years of a child's life from ages 0-7, including nursery and primary education, mental health,  SEND children and parental leave.

A Caring Society

The Caring Society working group will look at how to fund and deliver social care in England, responding to the government’s recent proposals. It will also consider a Liberal Democrat response to the Health and Care Levy, and policies to help people with disabilities live the lives they want to lead.


These working groups will start work in Autumn 2021, with a view to producing consultation papers for discussion at Autumn Conference 2022 and final drafts for the FPC to consider in June for debate at Autumn Conference 2022.

As a member of a working group you will work with other members to take evidence, identify the main challenges and develop distinctively Liberal Democrat policy that will appeal to voters and that would be effective in solving the identified problems.

Members of working groups are expected to attend regular meetings, contribute to discussion and contribute towards producing consultation and policy papers (either through drafting or through commenting on drafts). The meetings generally take place online, with some meetings in person in London.

The role is voluntary and the time commitment averages around two hours per week.

Please apply using these web forms by close 6pm October 5.  

Homes and Planning Working Group

Early Years Education and Childcare in England Ages 0-7

Caring Society Working Group


If you have any questions about the remit or process, please email Joe Wright on [email protected]

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