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NHS Staff should get the Pay Rise they Deserve

The Liberal Democrats passed a motion today backing a pay rise for NHS staff, recognising the huge effort made by NHS workers during the pandemic.

By Munira Wilson, Mar 21, 2021 10:03

The Conservative Government's offer of a 1% pay rise is an insult to the hard working NHS staff who have worked tirelessly to keep us and our loved ones safe.

The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion demanding a fair pay rise for NHS workers. In the words of a local Lib Dem campaigner, “who can possibly think £6 is a reasonable pay rise for NHS staff?” They deserve a salary that reflects their skill, dedication and sacrifice.

They deserve more than just a debt of gratitude paid in claps

Worse still, the pay “increase” amounts to a real terms pay cut due to the expected rise in inflation this year. The Liberal Democrats recognise that even as Covid-19 cases fall, the work will not let up due to the backlog of postponed appointments, operations and long-time health complications of those suffering from long-covid.

With conditions like these, it’s no surprise that there is an estimated shortage of 50,000 nurses and 3,000 midwives.

A substantial pay rise is not only deserved by NHS staff but vital to retain current staff and attract desperately needed healthcare workers to the profession.

The motion also calls for more mental health support for front line staff who may have become traumatised or ill, working gruelling, heart-breaking shifts in Covid wards over the last year.

Read the full motion here: libdems.org.uk/f21a-a-pay-rise-for-nhs-staff

Throughout the pandemic, the Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for a fairer deal for NHS staff. The government owes a massive debt to our NHS and care workers. They deserve more than just a debt of gratitude paid in claps - they deserve a real pay rise.

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