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Liberal Democrats

Online Code of Conduct

We want our Online Events to be a space where members can come together, debate big ideas, learn and engage with each other in a safe, healthy and supportive way.

As part of that, we will actively moderate this online community to ensure people feel comfortable participating.

As a member, you have the right to be treated fairly, equally, and within the bounds of party rules.

You also have the responsibility to behave in a way that does not negatively impact other members, staff, volunteers, people who interact with the Party in a professional capacity, or the party’s reputation.

To help us do this, we’ll remove content that fits into the following categories:

  1. Don’t spam. You will have broken this rule if you repeatedly post the same or similar messages in one or many locations. Endorsements of candidates, for which there is a separate and specific process, will also be considered spam. You may be found to be in breach of this rule if you coordinate messages with others. Encouraging like-minded people to attend hustings is encouraged, raising a mob is not.
  2. Don’t harass other members. You will have broken this rule if you single out another member or group of members and engage in behaviour we believe to be pressuring or intimidating.
  3. Don’t be rude. You will have broken this rule if we believe you are being disrespectful, rude, hostile or if you belittle others.
  4. No hate speech. You will have broken this rule if we believe your comments are discriminatory towards, encourage discrimination against, or mistreatment of, any person or group who identifies with any of the protected characteristics listed here https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/equality-act/protected-characteristics.
  5. Don’t break the law. You will have broken this rule if you engage in or encourage any activity that might break the law in the United Kingdom.

If you break any of these rules, your contributions will be removed, you may be blocked from further participation in the event, or other events in future and in extreme cases, you may be expelled from the party and/or reported to the authorities.

If you’re unsure something you’re about to post will break one of these rules, here’s a handy list of things you can ask yourself:

  • Could what I am intending to do or say or write (in any format) be taken as intimidation, harassment or bullying?
  • Am I acting in the party’s best interests?
  • Am I declaring all my interests if asked to make such a declaration?
  • Is what I am doing compliant with electoral law?
  • Is what I’m doing compliant with data protection law and the party’s data protection standards?
  • Is what I’m doing in line with our constitution and rules?

And if in doubt, don’t post it!

All moderation decisions are final. Please do not attempt to dispute moderation decisions on the event, as this can ruin the experience for everyone else.

Thank you for sticking to these rules - with your help we’ll keep this a fun, friendly environment for us all to enjoy!