Osborne's Budget has one clear message

The Tories used to say we were in it together, but this budget says one thing: you’re on your own.

Amongst the gimmicks and giveaways, the Chancellor has hidden four more years of pain, austerity, and cuts. As a direct result of the Conservative obsession with ideological cuts, thousands of public sector workers, families and young people face another four years struggling to get by.


If life is comfortable, if you have cash in the bank, if you have savings, or if you’re big business - today was a good day.

But if you’re starting out in life, struggling to support your family, struggling to get ahead, unable to work, today things got a lot tougher.

The safety net is being torn apart.

People who are sick and disabled, people struggling to get into work, young families, students, children from poorer families, and people who find themselves out of work through no fault of their own, are all going to find life more difficult.

One of the worst parts of Osborne's budget is to take away vital support from disabled jobseekers. People with conditions like depression, schizophrenia and bi polar will face £1,500 a year less - a third of their weekly support. That money that is designed to help them get well and get extra support in getting back into the workplace. Taking it away from them won't help them find work, and it won't help them get on.

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