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Party Strategy 2017

Almost every day brings us a reminder how important a strong liberal and democratic voice is in British, and international, politics. There is a vital role for the Liberal Democrats to fill and this strategy consultation is about how we should set about doing just that.

Under the new party rules introduced last year, the Federal Board (FB) is responsible for overseeing our strategy. The plan is to present plans to the spring 2018 federal conference for debate. The consultation being carried out this autumn, including a session at the autumn 2017 conference, is part of the process leading up to that.

In addition to the consultation document (right), we have set up an online survey which can be accessed here, and which will also be available to fill out at the Federal Board helpdesk at Autumn Conference in Bournemouth. There will also be paper copies of the consultation paper available at the consultation session itself, as well as at the Federal Board helpdesk.

If you would like to respond to the full paper consultation as opposed to the online survey (above), please email your responses to the Party's Governance Officer, Chris Adams. Alternatively you can return the consultation by post to Chris Adams, Governance Officer, Liberal Democrats, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE.


The previous consultation document can be found below, or at the following link:

Strategy Consultation Document

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