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The truth about Labour's voting record on a People's Vote

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party continues to let down Remainers.

By @thomasbrake, Oct 29, 2019 5:10

Over the weekend, the Liberal Democrats introduced a Bill to amend the Fixed Term Parliament Act and hold a General Election on Monday, December 9th.

Our plan would take No Deal off the table, end the parliamentary deadlock, and give the British people the opportunity to vote for a brighter future where we can move forward as a country. Learn more about this decision from Jo here

The Liberal Democrats are clear: we want to stop Brexit. That’s why we have led the fight for a People’s Vote for over three years. Sadly, during that time Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party did not support giving the people the final say on Brexit.

While the Lib Dems voted in favour voted in favour of a People's Vote 8 times and put down 18 amendments arguing for a People's Vote, Labour have abstained on or voted against votes on a People's Vote 6 out of 8 times.

The truth is that Labour is a Leave party. Thanks to Corbyn's weakness on the issue, 19 Labour MPs bailed out Boris Johnson's disastrous Brexit deal and has pushed us closer to crashing out of the EU. 

Even now, official Labour policy is to negotiate a Labour Brexit if they were in power. But Liberal Democrats know no form of Brexit is good for our country.

Corbyn has let down Remainers. He barely campaigned in the 2016 referendum, he has helped the Tories get this far through weak opposition, and even now wants his own Labour Brexit. The Liberal Democrats fight for Remainers and to stop Brexit.

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