Liberal Democrats
Our Plan for Fixing Our Broken Politics

If the last three years have shown us anything, it’s that politics isn’t working for people.

Boris Johnson tried to silence our democracy. He shut down Parliament unlawfully and he tried to hide the impact of Brexit from the public.

Layla MoranOn Brexit, schools and the climate emergency – Boris Johnson is failing people up and down the country.

He isn’t listening to the issues people care about, so they are trying to make their voices heard in other ways, like the huge People’s Vote marches or the Extinction Rebellion protests.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn won’t change things, because they stay in power if our politics stays broken. They don’t want a fairer voting system as they know the current one favours them.

The Conservatives have stood in the way of giving young people a voice in elections. They stopped EU citizens from voting in the Brexit referendum and made it harder for them to vote in European elections earlier this year.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, the SNP want to start the division all over again. Instead of handing power to local people and communities, the Scottish Government has been taking power out of their hands, such by giving Edinburgh direct control of police and fire services. Communities in places like the highlands and islands feel just as remote from Holyrood as they do from Westminster.

Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and mend our broken politics. We need a Parliament and Government that reflect our diverse country and that can build a brighter future for everyone.

We will give people their voice back, with a fairer, proportional voting system so that everyone’s vote counts equally.

Voters will be able to elect the House of Lords, so that Boris Johnson can’t give peerages to Nigel Farage or any of his friends.

Young people will be able to vote at the first election or referendum after they turn 16. And all British citizens living abroad, as well as EU citizens who have made the UK their long-term home, will get their say too.

We will scrap Boris Johnson’s plans to stop vulnerable and marginalised people from voting.

Plus, we will give power back to local communities so that people can hold those who provide local services to account. We will let local people decide how their taxes are raised and spent.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can take seats off the Conservatives and stop Boris Johnson getting his majority. Then, we can stop Brexit, mend our broken politics and build a brighter future.

Layla Moran
Liberal Democrats Shadow Education Secretary

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