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Quick Look Up

You may use the Quick lookup tool for various reasons including viewing the level of involvement of a particular individual, or you may want to get in contact with someone.  Use this tool to search for a person on either the My Voters or My Campaign databases (or both!). It will allow you to access an individual record for you to view all the data points appended to that profile.  

It is also the first step in the process of adding a new person to the My Campaign database.

1. Begin on the My Voters or My Campaign database

Depending on who you want to search for you can begin on either side.

If you have to look for a voter in your area, search the My Voters database. If you are searching for a member, donor, volunteer, or anyone else your local party has a relationship with, begin on the My Campaign side of the database.

2. Click on the Quick Look Up tool.

3. Searching for a Contact

Enter the contact details you have for the individual you are looking for.

To do this, begin by entering the first and last name in the relevant boxes. It is important to always begin your search by inputting fewer pieces of information (such as first name and last name) and then narrowing your search by adding more criteria in order to find the person you want. If not found try just the last name as some people may have registered with a different name from the one you know them as. Remember that people who are too young to vote and those not on the electoral roll will not be in the “my voter” database, but can be added into the My Campaign database.

If there are too many results with that name, narrow further by adding an address, phone number or a variety of other fields to find the individual you are looking for.

Click the Search button.

4. Accessing a voter record

The individuals that suit the criteria you have entered will appear in a list at the bottom of the page.

Find the individual you are looking for and click on their name to open their profile

5. Adding New People

If you begin your search on the My Campaign side of the database and the person you are looking for does not appear in this list, this is because they are not one of your contacts. To add them, follow these steps:

Select Search The Voter File

By clicking on Search The Voter File, you are searching the electoral list of registered voters for the criteria that you entered in the search fields.

If you find the individual you are searching for on the voters' list, select the tick box that appears to the left of their name and then click Add to My Campaign in the Control Panel.

This will add the person to your My Campaign database.

If you cannot find the individual you are searching for on the voters' list, then select Add New Person and add their information in the boxes provided.