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EU elections are coming - and we're raring to go

EU elections are happening. Returning a strong group of pro-Remain Lib Dem MEPs to the EU Parliament will send a powerful anti-Brexit message to this shambolic Conservative government.

By Shaun Roberts, Apr 12, 2019 5:04

The flags of EU countries flying.

We’re now fighting TWO elections. Together, we're going to deliver the best results in both elections that we’ve had in years!
On 2nd May we need to gain more councils and councillors across England. On 23rd May, we want to elect a Liberal Democrat MEP in every part of the country.

Our local election campaign is well underway. But we’ve got a lot to do to ensure our European Election campaign gets off to a flying start too.

Our manifesto is all but finalised. Our candidates will be selected by Tuesday. We have a clear strategy and message – we are the party of remain and we’re running in the EU Elections to stop Brexit.

On 23rd May, we want to elect a Liberal Democrat MEP in every part of the country.

But the opposition - pro-Brexit parties like the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP and Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party - are all mobilising. As the biggest Remain party, it’s our job to lead this fight and win.

We’re hearing very positive things from the doorsteps in our local election campaign. We stopped Brexit happening on 29th March, we've stopped it happening today and we are closer to securing a People’s Vote than ever before.

It’s going to be an exciting 6 weeks – with your support, we can elect more Councillors, Councils and MEPs.

We will show the country that the Liberal Democrats are on the rise and Brexit can be stopped. Help us win - donate today:

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