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Reconsent Templates

Below are links to the recommended templates for local parties to use in reconsenting emails under their control. Remember before using these you should refer back to the other notes in this section.

We encourage local parties to edit these emails as they see fit, to reference local matters and use appropriate spokespeople. Also if you feel the campaign is too intense then feel free to send fewer than the recommended 6. However, in no circumstance should more than 6 be sent.

Next to each link is a suggested sending date. In the event that a person/email address exists in both the Federal sphere and a local party's these dates will ensure that reconsent emails do not overlap.

It's important to note here that the .HTML files if opened using Google Chrome will not show the HTML code but a web version of the email. Opening the .Txt files in Notepad (or similar) will give the raw code for emails which can be pasted into Mailchimp, Prater Raines or Nationbuilder.

Template Recommended Send Date Rich Text .HTML (code) .Txt (code)
Template Email 1 Friday 11th May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code) HTML(.txt)
Template Email 2 Sunday 13th May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code) HTML(.txt)
Template Email 3 Wednesday 16th May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code) HTML(.txt)
Template Email 4 Saturday 19th May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code) HTML(.txt)
Template Email 5 Monday 21st May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code)  HTML(.txt)
Template Email 6 Thursday 24th May 2018 Rich Text .HTML (code)  HTML(.txt)


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