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My response to Nicola Sturgeon's speech at the SNP Conference

Hear from Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

By , Oct 15, 2019 5:10

With her conference speech today Nicola Sturgeon has shown that she has given up on all the people across the UK trying to stop Brexit.

The momentum is with us. We can win this, if we stick together.

Instead of helping to unite people across the country, the SNP this week ruled out any co-operation unless they get independence.

They are also now openly talking about making use of a border between Scotland and England for pretend benefits.

It is reckless and selfish and against the best interests of the country.

The First Minister’s boast of a positive economic future for Scotland after Brexit is just fantasy economics. It contradicts the SNP’s own Growth Commission that guaranteed cuts and tax rises.

Independence will be bad for Scotland just like Brexit because breaking up long term economic partnerships is very hard to do.

Instead of cutting and running for independence, Nicola Sturgeon should come back on board the campaign to stop Brexit across the UK.

The momentum is with us. We can win this, if we stick together.

That is a positive future for the whole UK.

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