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Sal Speaks: October 2017

By Sal Brinton, Oct 16, 2017 12:10

Sal Brinton speaking at Lib Dem conference.

Last week Parliament re-assembled and Vince Cable has just announced his team of spokespeople, including asking former leader Tim Farron to become our spokesperson for the North of England.

It is gender balanced and provides a strong base for us in both Houses of Parliament as the Lib Dems remain the party that is clearest about fighting for our place in Europe and exposing Theresa May’s shambolic negotiations. You can see the list here.

On behalf of the party I was interviewed by the Commission for Standards in Public Life Inquiry into the harassment of parliamentary candidates (PPCs), alongside my Labour and Conservative counterparts.

In addition to hearing about the problems that some of our PPCs faced, we were rightly quizzed on how each of our parties dealt with our own members harassing or causing serious offence to candidates of other parties.

We were asked to think about how we can work together at the highest level to prevent such behaviour. Thank you to those PPCs who have sent in their own evidence directly to the Inquiry.

At Conference there was a consultation on future party strategy, and thank you to the many people who came to that session, or who have responded via the web link.

The Federal Board will be looking at your responses in November, and if you want to have your say, please go to this page and let us know your views, or alternatively take part in the online survey here.

There will be a motion to the Spring Conference for debate and the Federal Committees will then use the strategy to set our work plans for the next three years.

This is part of the party reforms that you agreed to in 2016, to make the party more effective, accountable and transparent.

Al Ghaff, our Head of Member Services, is leaving the role to join the Humanists UK organisation. We thank him for the things he has achieved for us, including overseeing the doubling in size of the party over the last two years.

The advertisement for his job is here, along with other party jobs, so if you want to apply, or can pass the advert on to others who might be interested, please do.

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