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Sal Speaks - the Governance review

By Sal Brinton, 23/9/2016

Well here we are – another fantastic Conference, with record-breaking number of first-timers yet again – and a by-election underway in Witney. This autumn is shaping up to be a busy one, and amidst the busy-ness I want to draw your attention to what else we achieved at Conference: the biggest shake-up of our Party’s structures in a generation, and that means new ways in which you can get involved in how the Party is run.

At conference we became the first Party to ensure that representation of all under-represented groups is catered for on our largest committees, including by incorporating people of non-binary gender into our diversity criteria. If you are from any group who is currently under-represented (Women, BAME, LGBTi and disabled people) within the party’s structures, then I particularly want to encourage you to collect the ten nominations required and stand for election to one of our committees. Indeed, I would encourage anyone who feels that they have something to offer, to put themselves forwards. We need YOU!

This autumn we will be electing members like you to serve for a 3-year term on our Party’s committees, and there are four in particular I want to encourage you to consider standing for:

  • The Federal Board, which will shapes our Party’s strategy and monitors its implementation;
  • The Federal Policy Committee, which considers our policies as a Party and proposes motions to Conference, as well as drafting the Manifesto;
  • The Federal Conference Committee, which ensures conference runs well and decides which motions should be debated at Conference;
  • And the Federal International Relations Committee, which interacts with sister parties around the globe, and helps manage the Party’s relationship with them.

You can find out more information on the Party’s structures here, along with the committee election regulations which can be found here. Specific role descriptions for all the positions up for election at a Federal level will follow once nominations open in a couple of weeks. You will receive an email notifying you once nominations open.

For any further information please go to www.libdems.org.uk/governance, and I look forward to seeing a hotly contested round of elections this Autumn.

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