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The Prime Minister must think again on abolishing UK Aid.

Abolishing DFID threatens our 0.7% aid commitment to help those most in need. The UK must not turn its back on the world.

By Wendy Chamberlain, Jun 17, 2020 5:06

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that the Foreign Office and Department for International Development are set to merge. 

By working internationally we can achieve so much more than we can alone.

The Liberal Democrats have always made absolutely clear our unequivocal support for Britain’s role as a world leader in providing aid to those most in need.

UK aid prevents suffering. By working internationally we can achieve so much more than we can alone. 

It was the Liberal Democrats who enshrined the 0.7% aid commitment into UK law. This is a commitment the UK should be proud to uphold.

Yet Boris Johnson's decision threatens to undermine that commitment, and with it our global influence.

It is no surprise three former Prime Ministers have condemned this move.

Boris Johnson has wanted to use the 0.7% for international aid for his own political projects ever since entering government.

This decision shows the extent of the Prime Minister’s determination to see the UK turn its back on the world. The Prime Minister should think again.

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