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Scanning Bar Codes

Scanning Barcodes is the quickest and easiest way to enter data from paper canvass cards

1. Choose the My Campaign or My Voter database depending on the origin of the original script and list you are working with

2. Click on Scan Bar Codes.

3. Enter the appropriate canvassing criteria

a) Select the appropriate script that was used during the canvass session
b) Enter the canvasser’s name if you know it, if not enter your own (start to type the surname and the options will appear).
c) Pick how the data was collected and then choose whether you want to enter results or names first.

For entering the same data against a lot voters (for example to mark all those who were Not Home, then choosing Result First, then Names is quickest.  If you need to apply several different question responses against each voter as you do for voting intentions and poster requests etc, then Name First, then Results is more appropriate. You can always do the people you spoke to first and change the order to record those that weren't home later

d) Click Next.

4. On the Bar Code Data Entry page, the field should be green when it is ready for you to scan results.

● It is very important that the bar is green. If it turns red, it is no longer logging the data you are trying to enter

5. Before you start, click the blue Here link to download the bar code report. It is very important that the correct script is selected to ensure you are get the correct list of responses on this report.

● The bar code report that appears will be consistent with the script you selected. It will come as a PDF which you can then print off for use with your scanner

6. If you have selected “Name First, then Results”, you should scan the bar code next to the voter on the canvass card and then choose from the available bar codes on the printed report to indicate what they told our canvasser on the doorstep

● So for example scan the first name and then scan the code for "Definite Lib Dem" and the code for "Garden Poster"
● After you have completed each page it is good to mark that you have done so. A common way of doing this is by putting a line across the page. Doing so will help ensure you do not lose your place and will allow you to easily identify what data has been inputted.

7. If you accidentally scan the wrong result bar code, you can overwrite it by scanning the correct one, as long as they are both responses to the same question

● Once the data is entered; you can view it in a person’s record under the Survey Questions tab. You can click on the person’s name to be taken from the bar code data entry page directly to their profile.


If You Made a Mistake

If you flag someone using the wrong question or an incorrect contact status you need to open their profile to find and delete the incorrect information

1. Click on the person to open their profile 
2. Open the Question Response or Contact History box
3. Select delete. This will allow you to remove the incorrect entry

You will have the ability to delete an incorrectly entered data point within 24 hours of appending it.