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Scottish Lib Dems win more than £300million to support mental health, education and councils

Electing Liberal Democrats makes a huge difference.

By Willie Rennie MSP, Mar 09, 2021 4:03

Thanks to the Liberal Democrats and the changes we’ve negotiated to Scotland’s budget we are going to improve the lives of millions and put the recovery first.

As part of the budget in the Scottish Parliament, we secured:

🥰 An extra £120 million for mental health to pay for new services in communities.

📚 An extra £60 million to help education bounce back with smaller class sizes.

👩‍💼 More business support measures, including for people who have missed out before

🧒 An extra £20 million to provide more in-class support to children who need it. This increases the money paid directly to headteachers to support pupils by around 16 percent.

🚜 £5 million more for agriculture transition funding, which rewards farmers for environmental stewardship and helps meet our climate change priorities.

🛢️ £15 million in special allocations to the North East to pay for skills training, upskilling and business support in a region particularly under pressure given its reliance on fossil fuel industries.

🏘️ An additional commitment of £90 million for councils, to remove the risk that local services would face a funding cliff edge next year.

👁️ A clear commitment that specialised eye services in Lothian will be protected.

🚢 Funding for the internal ferries in Orkney and Shetland.

Scottish Liberal Democrats have been engaged with SNP ministers since the draft budget was published in January. We think that people expect parties to work together in the middle of a pandemic.

We have highlighted the need for business support, an education bounce back plan, and better mental health services, given the pressure we know that the virus crisis has put on people.

That’s the difference electing Liberal Democrats makes.

As a result of those constructive discussions, the Budget Bill was substantially amended. 

As a result of discussions since then, further changes have been agreed which allow Scottish Liberal Democrat MSPs to support the budget. This includes additional money for supporting pupils, training fund for the North East to support the just transition, a further £90m for local authorities and money to support farmers engaged in environmental stewardship.

This couldn’t have happened without our MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, standing up for their communities and putting the recovery first.

That’s the difference electing Liberal Democrats makes.

And if you want Liberal Democrats making a difference in your community, don’t forget to vote Liberal Democrat in May. There are elections all over the UK and by electing Liberal Democrats, you’ll elect champions who’ll stand up for your community and make a real difference.

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