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Scrap the cap and value our nurses

This Conservative Government needs to scrap the public sector pay cap and show that they value our hard-working public sector workers.

By , Jan 17, 2018 12:01

Surgeons operating in theatre.

Figures released today show 1 in 10 nurses are leaving the NHS every year. The number of nurses leaving the NHS now outnumbers those joining.

Nurses are the backbone of our NHS. The vital service and quality of care they provide cannot continue to be undervalued.

It is little wonder nurses are leaving in droves and that they far outnumber new nurses being recruited.

While the need for NHS services continues to grow, the Tories' chronic underfunding has made working life unbearable for many.

Record numbers of nurses are on sick leave due to stress.

If the government truly values our nurses, they will scrap the 1% cap on pay rises and solve the underlying problem of critical underfunding in our NHS and social care.

Liberal Democrats are honest about what is necessary, by putting a penny on the pound in income tax, we can find the funding the NHS desperately needs.

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