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Shana Roberts


Shana Roberts believes that the true measure of a person should not be how much they take from the world but the value of what they give back to it. She was born in Telford, went to school in Telford and lives and work in Telford.

Shana says 'I have seen the small town of my youth grow and evolve, modernise and expand but I am fearful of what we will we lose if Brexit goes ahead. I come from humble beginnings and I know what it is like to be part of a family that is struggling to make ends meet. A family dependent on government handouts, free school meals and childcare support. I know what it is like having people assume that you will amount to nothing because of your postcode. I also know that we cannot let ourselves be consumed by hate or bitterness – I know we need to DEMAND BETTER. I know together we can build a better future. A future that is thriving, free and fair.'

Shana am standing as MP for Telford to represent those who voted to remain in 2016, and for those who feel that they did not have enough information to make the right decision for themselves or their families 3 years ago.

Telford undoubtedly, will be one of the worst hit towns in the UK if Brexit goes ahead, with our most vulnerable communities bearing the brunt of this immeasurable mistake. We cannot standby and let this happen.

But this isn’t just about Brexit. This is about making sure that Telford is not left behind! This is about making sure our hospitals remain open, our children are safe, our jobs are secure and no one loses out because of their background, ability or address.
Shana stands with and for Telford.


Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @Shana4Telford
Instagram: @cllrShana
Twitter: @cllrShana
Website: Telfordwrekinlibdems.org.uk

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