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Shocking rise in violent crimes & sex offences

Violent crimes and sex offences are on the rise - and our Police need more resources to tackle them. Amber Rudd needs to act.

By , Jan 25, 2018 1:01

Two police officers on patrol.

Police recorded crime statistics show a rise in reported crime over the past year, in particular sex offences and knife and gun crime.

5.3 million crimes were recorded: a rise of 14%. The number of incidences of sex offences has increased by 23%, violent crimes have risen by 20%, with knife crime increasing by 21%.

Crime is up, yet police numbers are down. Surely it’s time for the Conservatives to back our police, stand up to criminals and stop these police cuts.

Police forces are continually being asked to do more with less by Ministers, yet it is the public that are having to cope with the consequences.

Amber Rudd must take these shocking crime figures to Number Ten and demand extra money from the Treasury so we can properly resource our police and start to reverse this appalling trend.

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