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Spring Conference Motions

What we will be discussing at our second ever virtual Conference

By Geoff Payne, Jan 20, 2021 8:01

Lib Dem conference delegates voting.

The Federal Conference Committee met via Zoom call on Saturday, 16 January for the agenda selection for our second virtual conference. The meeting was a lengthy one, which was in part due to the large selection of varied and interesting motions we received, but also to give us breaks from staring at computer screens for a number of hours.

As you will be aware, this year we will not be heading up to the historic city of York, but instead you will be able to take part in Conference from your own home via our third party provider, Hopin. You will be able to find more information about the virtual conference. If you are planning to attend conference, we highly recommend taking part in the interactive exhibitions and the fringes.

The FCC wants to pay its thanks to the continued amazing efforts of the Conference Office team and members who have worked so incredibly hard.

You will see from the timings of Conference that it is slightly different to the usual format, and we hope that this will give more people an opportunity to attend virtually, but also it has meant that we have been able to increase the number of motions selected – compared to previous Spring Conferences. The agenda of Conference will be published very shortly.

A total of 11 conference motions, plus two emergency slots, one later deadline slot on the COVID pandemic, and two constitutional amendment motions were selected. Not including the two constitutional amendments this is 14 policy motions to be debated at Conference.

The agenda will also include the Committee and Parliamentary reports, the Leaders Q&A and a number of Q&As and set pieces set aside for Spokespeople and/or Leaders of the Welsh or Scottish Lib Dems. The full agenda will be published shortly.

On the topic of motions selection, we always receive a very large number of motions for selection at Conference, and unfortunately cannot always choose all of them for selection at Conference. This year we received 27 motions and have selected 11 motions, plus the two constitutional amendments, and reserved slots for up to 3 additional motions (two emergency slots and one reserved item on the COVID pandemic). 

Below I have included the selection grid of motions, and if they have been selected or not selected, please note with regards to the selected motions – some of the names may change between now and publication of the agenda. With regards to proposed constitutional amendments these are automatically selected; however, ruled either in order or out of order. I have not included why the motion was not selected; this has been provided to the submitters of the motion. Please note that you can submit amendments, emergency motions, and the COVID later deadline by 8 March at 13:00 via the Conference website.

Business Innovation, Skills and Higher Education
A Utilities Selected
  Crime, Justice, Equalities and Civil Liberties  
A Protecting Human Rights Not selected
B Safe and Legal Routes to Save Lives Selected
C Lifting Barriers to Work for Disabled People Selected
  Economy and Tax  
  Supporting Businesses, Workers and the Self-Employed in the COVID-19 pandemic Selected
B Fairer Share - Reform of Council Tax and Abolition of Stamp Duty Land Tax Not Selected
  Education and Families  
A A Better Response to the Impact of COVID-19 on Education Selected
B Accessibility in Education Selected
  Energy and Environment  
A UK Transition to Energy Efficient Power Distribution Not Selected
A The EU - UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Future of the UK-EU relationship Selected
  Health and Social Care  
A Autism Support Selected
B Young People and Gender Dysphoria  Not Selected
C Beveridge 2.0 - Building a National Care Service Not Selected
  International and Defence  
A Leading International Development Selected
B Steps towards Peace between Palestine and Israel  Selected
C International Development Selected
D Acting on the Russia Report Selected
E Sign the Treaty Not Selected
F Turkey Not Selected
  Political and Constitutional Reform  
A Defending and Advancing Democracy Not Selected
A Call for a reassessment of the HS2 project Not Selected
  Work, Social Security and Pensions  
A Stand up for Unpaid Carers Selected
B Supporting Unpaid Carers in the 21st Century Not Selected
  Business Motions  
A Giving Members the Right Not to Stand a Parliamentary Candidate Not Selected
B Beveridge 2- Plan Within a Social Contract  Not Selected
C Selection of new Liberal Democrat Life Peers Not Selected
  Constitutional Amendments  
A Changes to the Role of Vice-President In Order
B Amending the Complaints Procedure In Order


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