Steve Riley


Steve Riley lives in the Broadland constituency and is married with three children; two daughters at university and a son of primary school age. He is an elected Broadland District Councillor and has chaired the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, overseeing the work of the council and holding it to account. Steve is known for his hard work and integrity in taking up cases for residents. He is well known and appreciated for his campaigning work in supporting communities within Broadland.

Steve is self-employed and has previously been the Managing Director of a manufacturing business. He was also previously a key industrial negotiator with parliamentary experience in liaising with MPs and helping to coordinate campaigns for parliamentary consideration.

He has campaigned and worked on key issues locally and nationally on equal opportunities, anti- discrimination policy and law, employment rights, industrial and economic policy, housing and planning matters. Throughout his life Steve has supported and achieved results for people and always puts people first before party politics.

Steve believes the voters of Broadland deserve a hard working full time MP that puts the constituency of Broadland first locally and at Westminster, an MP that works to bring better economic development to Broadland, an MP that will campaign for improved vital local health services, elderly care services and to give full support to our schools and teachers seeking a better financial deal for the children of Broadland.

Steve says “I believe that an MP must first and foremost listen to people’s issues and to act accordingly in supporting them, whether they be housing matters, planning issues, employment, schools or community facilities”. He emphasises that the MP has a duty to take up individual resident's problems and work hard to resolve them, something he is totally committed to.


Phone: 07527 627 552


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