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I'm voting Liberal Democrat in the European Elections

Brexit is a national embarrassment caused by the Conservatives and backed by Jeremy Corbyn.

A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to remain in Europe and protect our economy, public services and our environment.

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I will be a voter for the Liberal Democrats on Thursday 2 May

Want to stop Brexit? Want to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK?

Be a voter for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections on Thursday 2 May 2018.


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Vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit.

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Vote Liberal Democrat: Stop Brexit

If you think Brexit is a disaster, use your vote to stop it.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of remainers. Our resolve has never wavered. It never will. We will continue to fight for Britain to remain in the EU.

If you want to stop Brexit, use your vote to back the biggest party in Britain fighting on your side. Vote Liberal Democrat.

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Volunteer and help us win

Volunteer and help us win

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