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A stunning victory!

The Scottish Parliament has just backed a People's Vote - thanks to the Lib Dems

By Liberal Democrats, Nov 08, 2018 11:11

The flags of EU countries flying.

A Liberal Democrat amendment by Tavish Scott MSP has committed Holyrood to “providing unequivocal support for a public vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal”.

It passed convincingly in the Scottish Parliament, with 66 votes for the amendment, 28 against and 21 abstentions. 

The Scottish Parliament giving its full support to a People's Vote is an important step in the UK-wide campaign for a vote on the deal. 

Days like these are how we are going to stop Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight against Brexit since 2016. It is the biggest campaign we have ever run outside of an election and it is working. 

A year ago, 20% of the British public believed that we needed a final say on the Brexit deal. Now that number is 51%. 

The Liberal Democrats are the only major political party campaigning for a People's Vote. 

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