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Request a separate vote or topical discussion

Separate votes can be requested on existing motions. These are are vote on whether to delete or retain a specific set of words or section.

Topical Discussions enable members to raise issues without a formal motion. Requests can be submitted using a title of no more than 10 words, and should not include an expression of opinion. These discussions take place in the emergency motion slot in the auditorium. 

The Federal Conference Committee has reserved a slot on the agenda for a topical issue discussion on Coronavirus. Members can propose a title for this discussion using the form below.

Unlike motions and amendments, request for Topical Discussions or Separate Votes can be submitted by a single voting representative. You do not have to find 10 party members or permission from a party organisation.

The deadline for proposing topical discussions has passed, but the deadline for proposing a title for the topical debate on Coronavirus is 17.00 on Thursday 12 March.

The deadline for separate votes for debates on Saturday 14 March is 13.00 on Monday 2 March.

The deadline for separate votes for debates on Sunday 15 March is 09.00 on Saturday 14 March.

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