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We've partnered with Ecotricity – the greenest and world’s first Green Energy company - to offer you a brilliant deal. Switch your energy to them, help save the planet and they'll make a donation to us too for every year you remain with Ecotricity.

By Greg Foster, Nov 14, 2017 1:11

This week, the UN Climate Conference in Bonn will attempt to build on the progress the world made in Paris two years ago.

World leaders are getting together to discuss the sticky issue of how to translate the promises made in Paris in 2015 into actual cuts to emissions.

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For us, part of the solution is simple – it’s about green energy. If Britain is to really pull its weight and make good on its own promises, we need to do even more to build green energy and stop using fossil fuels.

We want a green and carbon-free future, and there are some hard targets we think Britain needs to achieve to make that happen:

  • 30% of the household market should be supplied by competitors to the ‘Big Six’ energy companies by 2022
  • 60% of Britain’s electricity should come from renewables by 2030
  • We need to put a stop to fracking in Britain.

One of the ways we’re trying to achieve that is by working with Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy company.

Ecotricity’s model is unique: they use the money they make from their customers’ energy bills to build new sources of green energy in Britain. It’s what they call turning ‘bills into mills’ – and it’s a great example of what we should be doing in Britain, using profits to deliver a genuinely green outcome, not to keep shareholders happy.

The Big Six energy companies – that’s British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Scottish Power, and SSE – would do well to embrace Ecotricity’s model. Unfortunately, four of those six companies are investing in fracking in Britain, a move that will entrench the old fossil fuel model in Britain for decades to come.

Our partnership with Ecotricity is about hitting our climate targets, it’s about building more green energy, and it’s about changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

If you switch to Ecotricity using our unique code, they’ll make a £50 donation to the Liberal Democrats every year you’re on supply – donations that will help us to do more to champion green energy in Britain.

Not only that, but you’ll support the building of green energy in Britain just by paying your energy bills – through Ecotricity’s ‘bills into mills’ model.

It’s about making a political decision with your choice of energy company – choosing a green path for Britain, and voting with your energy bills.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Switch to Ecotricity for 100% green electricity and frack-free gas
  2. Ecotricity will turn your ‘bills into mills’ – with no external shareholders to please, their profits go back into their mission to pursue a greener Britain
  3. You’ll get the best customer service in the industry – from a company that puts people and planet before profit
  4. Ecotricity will donate £50 to the Liberal Democrats every year you’re on supply
  5. For more information, visit or call 0800 999 4600

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