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Transgender Awareness Week

Today, I’m proud to join people across the country to mark the beginning of Trans Awareness Week- an important time to raise the visibility of trans and gender non-conforming people.

By Edward Davey, Nov 13, 2020 9:11

This week culminates in the Trans Day of Remembrance - a day set aside to remember the lives lost as a result of transphobia and anti-trans violence.

Globally, trans rights are eroding and rates of suicide and self harm in the community are alarming. Far too many live in constant fear of physical violence and persecution. This is unacceptable.

Far too many live in constant fear of physical violence and persecution. This is unacceptable.

There are also massive issues of concern within our own country.

The trans and non-binary community has been subjected to widespread attack within the media in recent years. And after years of debate and a huge opportunity to streamline the Gender Recognition Act, the government has refused to adopt a right of self-declaration for trans people without a medical diagnosis.

This is nothing short of appalling. As a proud ally, it is heartbreaking to see our trans friends treated with such little compassion and respect.

As a party, our commitment to equality is stronger than ever- we have recently adopted a new definition of transphobia and have just passed new policy to make our national party conferences more trans inclusive. We vow to be unwavering in our commitment to equality and will root out the poison of transphobia wherever we find it.

During this important week, I encourage all of us, to raise awareness and join the fight to end the violence, prejudice and judgement faced by trans and non-binary people. With so many attempting to erase trans and non-binary rights, we cannot rest until everyone feels safe and empowered to freely be themselves.

To our trans friends, thank you for the strength you have shown. We are with you always.

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