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How to Report Donations

How do I make sure that my local party is compliant with PPERA?

All Local Party Treasurers should receive a monthly communication from the HQ Compliance Officer.

In each mailing will be a letter containing important information regarding upcoming events and deadlines and a PPERA compliance form if you file your returns by post.

The PPERA (Political Party Election and Referendum Act) compliance return should be completed using the Membership Database, Lighthouse (https://lighthouse.libdems.org.uk/user/login).

These returns are required to declare any donation, loan or gift in kind, such as a premises or office rental, that the Local Party has received within the month.

It is also important to know that if your Local Party has not received a donation the form should still be sent back stating such.


What do I have to report?

Donations and gifts in kind that need to be included on the PPERA form are those that are £500 or over. 

Although a record should be kept of all donations and gifts in kind because if the same person or business gives a total of £1500 or over more in a calendar year also needs to be reported no matter how small the individual donations that make it up.

The form also asks for other bits of information such as if the donation or gift in kind comes from an individual or business.

If it comes from an individual, the donor must be on the electoral register, the poll number for them and their address must be included on the form.

If the donation comes from a business, the business must be on the Companies House register, the company number and address must be included on the form.

If a loan has been received by the Local Party, information about the loan such as the individual or business who has given the loan, their address, if there is any interest to be paid and the terms, such as payment date should be included. Please also include a copy of the signed loan agreement with the PPERA form.

PPERA states that we can only accept donations from permissible sources. As such, you are required to check the validity of each source. You can download a file containing guidance on permissible sources here.

You can see which donations you need to report here.

And here is a guide on how to submit PPERA reports on Lighthouse  https://www.libdems.org.uk/chapter-7-managing-finances

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