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Tim Ball


Tim lives locally in the constituency of Sherwood. He has been involved in liberal politics all his adult life. Tim has worked in both the private and public sectors and appreciates the immense strengths that both sectors bring to our prosperity and quality of life.

Tim says: “Our country’s politics has polarised over the last few years. The Conservatives have lurched to the right while Labour has lurched to the left. They are both offering simplistic, populist solutions and irresponsible spending promises that would wreck our economy for years to come if implemented. It has never been more important to support the Liberal Democrats so that our country’s finances and economy can be managed competently and responsibly. That would mean that we could invest in our public services and infrastructure for the long-term and would ensure that we have the resources we will need to tackle climate change. I am delighted to be representing the Liberal Democrats in my home area of Sherwood. Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop the Brexit chaos and keep Britain in the European Union where it is stronger and more prosperous. Please help us to build a brighter future for Sherwood and for our United Kingdom by supporting the Liberal Democrats.”

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