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Labour vote to back a Conservative Hard Brexit yet again

By Tim Farron, Nov 21, 2017 11:11

Tim Farron in front of activists holding Lib Dem diamonds.

Last night I voted to keep Britain in the customs union.

I was joined by several brave Labour MPs who defied their whips. But that was it.

Labour shamefully voted with the Tories for a hard Brexit, lost jobs and higher prices.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But once again, Jeremy Corbyn has shown his true colours.

As he has so many times before, he has forced Labour MPs to back a Tory hard Brexit.

There is only one party in Britain that is fighting to keep Britain in the for an Exit from Brexit. The Liberal Democrats.

To highlight Labour’s betrayal last night, we’ve produced a quick video. Getting this message out there is so important – will you like, comment and share it on social media now?

Just yesterday, we saw the real impact that Brexit is already having.

The average household is already being £400 worse off.

European Agencies closing their London offices and moving to Paris & Amsterdam, losing hundreds of jobs in the process.

And it will only get worse from here.

We have to keep on fighting. 

We have to persuade this Conservative Brexit Government and their staunchest ally, Jeremy Corbyn, to change course. Before it's too late.

To help us do that, please share this video today:


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