Trust Jo, we can really do this.

Will you join me to help stop Brexit?

Please excuse this approach, but I want to let you know that I have joined the Lib Dem Business & Entrepreneurs Network (LDBEN) and, as someone I know shares my values and outlook, I urge you to do the same.

We are a crucial moment for our country, the outcome of which will impact on us all for generations. Brexit would devastate enterprise and quite clearly neither Johnson nor Corbyn are going to stop it or stand up for business. In contrast, the LibDems - under their fantastic new leader, Jo Swinson - as well as leading the charge against Brexit, have developed excellent policies for business to support responsible wealth creating enterprise.

We know the hedge funds - who stand to make millions by betting against Britain - are already giving millions to the Conservatives in the forthcoming general election, while Corbyn will enjoy the backing of the Trades Unions. 

The Lib Dem fund-raising programme is going really well but they will need the support of individual businesspeople like you and me to keep building and go head-to-head with the other parties. 

Membership of the LDBEN costs £2,500 per annum and, based on the outstanding response so far, the Lib Dems can potentially raise millions via this network, as well as offering you the opportunity to get further involved in the party and network with like-minded businesspeople, should you choose.

That’s why I hope you will join me in becoming LDBEN member - but I hope you will also do one more thing.  To win this, I am asking you to help us to grow LDBEN even further by personally forwarding this approach to at least two other people and encourage them to join too, so together we can make a real impact.

Thank you – we are on the march!

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