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The Week in Politics

By Greg Foster, Aug 11, 2017 3:08

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It might be the height of the August holidays, but your Liberal Democrat team have been hard at work - as usual this week. Here's what we've been up to:

Friday 4th August

After comments from Sir James Munby - the UK's most senior family judge about a horrifying mental health case, Norman Lamb called for more and better investment in mental health.

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Saturday 5th August

Hundreds of Liberal Democrats join Pride marches across the UK, including in Brighton, Leeds, Plymouth and Belfast!

Sunday 6th August

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, our new Leader, Vince Cable launched a blistering attack on Brexit fanatics and spoke about on Brexit, inter-generational fairness and austerity.

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Monday 7th August

Vince Cable slams Jeremy Corbyn's refusal to condemn Venezuela's slide into authoritarianism under President Maduro.

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Tuesday 8th August

Liberal Democrat Peer, Lorely Burt calls for the Government to act on ending period poverty.

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Wednesday 9th August

A letter from David Davis revealed that millions are still going to have incredible ambiguity and confusion hanging over their lives as a result of the Brexit negotations.

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Thursday 10th August

Vince Cable appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss Britain's financial situation ten years on from the financial crash. Watch the video above.

Research from the Liberal Democrats reveals that despite promising more than £300 million pounds for business rates relief, just two councils have paid out to businesses so far - and they've only paid £197,000.

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Friday 11th August

An article in the Times reveals that the Government is going to use the Repeal Bill to strip away some of the rights that British Citizens currently enjoy.

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Jo Swinson takes the Conservatives to task over arms sales. Despite criticising Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to condemn Venezuela's slide into autocracy, as recently as March last year Britain was still selling large amounts of arms to the country.

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After comments from the former Head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, Ed Davey calls on Amber Rudd to drop plans to weaken encryption and listen to the experts.

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