Liberal Democrats

What is Connect?

Connect is two databases that contain all the best campaigning tools needed to manage sophisticated data-centred campaigns in the 21st Century. Connect allows you to enter, manage, and analyse data in one place to help your campaign organise effectively.


Within Connect, the main database is “My Voters” where you can securely store voter information from all the voters within your local authority area and use the information within it to plan how to win elections. The second database is accessed from the top left tab labelled “My Campaign” and is used to keep track of your volunteers and members.

The tools in Connect were created to help your teams connect with voters, manage volunteers, and, of course, get out the vote! Great tools like MiniVAN and the Virtual Phone Bank are provided through this platform to allow you to easily contact voters, develop relationships with voters, and build your campaign. These tools are constantly being developed based on best practices.

To help keep up to date on current best practices, we have developed this guide that will provide you with all the information you need on how to run successful campaigns and manage your supporters.