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World Cancer Day

Conservative cuts have led to a rise in preventable cancer cases. Liberal Democrats demand better for our NHS.

By Liberal Democrats, Feb 04, 2019 4:02

Six medics in discussion.

Today is World Cancer Day.

Half of the people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. 38% of those diagnoses will have been preventable.

But waiting times for cancer treatment are at the worst level they have ever been. Our NHS is struggling to diagnose rising rates of cancer. Thanks to Conservative mismanagement, it's recruiting fewer doctors, radiologists and nurses.

The Government says it's committed to diagnosing cancer earlier and faster. To do this the UK needs health professionals to respond to rising rates of cancer.

The Conservative Government also give lip service to preventing illness. But this year alone, it's cutting £85 million from vital preventative services.

These include measures to combat obesity, air pollution and help people stop smoking. But the situation won't improve until the Government allocates them much-needed funding,

The Liberal Democrats demand better. We'll produce a national workforce strategy - so this shortage of desperately needed staff never happens again.

We'll also reverse cuts to services aimed at preventing illness and prepare our health and NHS for the future.

Our NHS is a source of national pride and should be funded as such. Will you sign our petition calling for the Government to adopt Lib Dem policy - and put a penny on every pound of income tax for the NHS?

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