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Lib Dem Manifesto well-received by business and NGOs

Trade associations, business groups, NGOs and charities are all praising the Liberal Democrat manifesto, especially the five priorities we put on our front page:


On the Battlebus with Nick Clegg

Trevor York joins the party leader for a day’s campaigning on the Lib Dem battlebus.


Hilary Stephenson writes: Making sense of "Get Out The Vote"

Hilary Stephenson, the Liberal Democrats' Director of Elections and Field Operations, jargon-busts GOTV.


Paul Burstow writes: The Care Act shows the difference Lib Dems can make in government

Knowing that you will receive the best care possible means the world to everyone who finds themselves or their loved ones in need of social care.

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Jo Swinson writes: I’m proud to say we’ve finally got the Tories on board with gender pay gap measures

In the final days of this Government Lib Dems are still delivering our agenda against the odds, and against Conservative obstruction. 

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Lord Dick Newby writes: 50,000 doors

Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords can boast 4,000 years of campaigning experience between them. As the election approaches we are making the most of this.


"I run a mean board when we're canvassing" - Sal Brinton interviewed in this month's Ad Lib Magazine

New Liberal Democrat party president Sal Brinton talks to Charlotte Kelloway about her plans for the party, her commitment to diversity in politics and the coming General Election.


Nick Clegg and Richard Branson write: The global war on drugs has been an abject failure

Writing in the Guardian, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg and Richard Branson describe the war on drugs an "abject failure."

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Ed Davey writes: Green energy auction paves way for 27 new renewables projects and thousands of green jobs across the UK

This morning I announced the results of the first auction for green energy generation. The results are impressive – more clean energy at lower costs.

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Spring Agenda & Directory Online

The Spring 2015 Autumn Agenda and Directory is now available to view online, together with accompanying consultation papers and reports to conference.

Conference will be debating a number of important policies ahead of the General Election, as well as hearing from some of our key spokespeople. There is an opportunity for members to put questions to Nick Clegg on the main conference floor and a final chance to contribute to the Party's Manifesto ahead of May.

Click here to view the full Spring Conference Agenda & Directory.


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Liberal Democrats cutting your taxes by £825

Liberal Democrats have unveiled a new poster highlighting how the party is delivering an £825 tax cut for millions of workers.

Employment rate at a new record high

New figures show that the rate of employment is at a new record high of 73.4 per cent.

Liberal Democrats set out plans to balance the books

The Liberal Democrat plan to balance the books is one with a "heart as well as a brain."

Liberal Democrats plan to invest £3.5bn in mental health

The Liberal Democrats would spend £3.5bn more on mental health care in England over the next parliament.