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Nick Clegg's speech on Europe and the special relationship

Great Britain to Little England: the impact of Brexit on the UK's role in the world 

Nick Clegg's speech on Europe and the special relationship at Princeton University 20 April 2016

Today I want to talk about Britain’s two most important relationships: with our neighbours in Europe; and our cousins in the United States.

As those descriptions suggest, the two relationships are very different. They are born of different circumstances and have been tested by different pressures. They provoke different emotions in the minds of British citizens. But they are intimately linked. 

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Farron urges MPs to stand up for refugee children

Ahead of the key vote on Monday on whether the UK should offer sanctuary to 3,000 child refugees, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to every MP calling on them to put party politics aside and ‘stand up for humanity’.

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Treasury report is a stark warning - Farron

Commenting on Treasury analysis, which shows that Brexit would cost British households up to £4,300, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron said:

"The sheer volume of serious and sobering evidence against turning our backs on Europe is overwhelming. The Treasury assessment today, showing a £4,300 cost to families, gives another stark warning about the impact on every household in Britain. 
"There is no doubt in my mind that the economic impact of us rejecting the European market of 500 million consumers would be devastating to our country’s finances; to the work prospects of British people, and to our ability to attract world class investment.
"The dramatic and dangerous impact of Brexit on on the economy will clearly blow a hole in public finances, and offer the biggest threat to public services since the recession. I am not prepared to stand by and let Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage throw a hand grenade into our economic recovery, and then be left in charge of looking after the NHS, our schools, and local services.
"Today's report shows our economic future is stronger in Europe. It's clear that in Europe, Britain can thrive. Together we can be a stronger and more prosperous nation, creating opportunity for future generations, and respected all over the world." 


VICTORY for vulnerable tenants

The Government has agreed a Liberal Democrat amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill, which protects vulnerable tenants from being wrongly evicted.

Under the Housing & Planning Bill, landlords get faster access to a property if they believe the tenant has abandoned it.


Review Tim Farron's 2014-2015 Tax Return

You can access Tim's return here:


George Osborne should follow Iain Duncan Smith's example - Tim Farron

Commenting on Iain Duncan Smith's resignation, Tim Farron has called on George Osborne to follow his example.


Osborne's £650m stealth cut to the NHS

Changes hidden in the Budget will mean the NHS has £650m less to spend on front line services, Liberal Democrat research can reveal.
The research on the budget, based on analysis from the House of Commons Library, reveals hidden changes to public sector pensions, passing the cost directly to the health service and other public sector bodies.


New £2bn cut to public services attacked by Liberal Democrats

Hidden in the Chancellor’s Budget was a backdoor £2bn cut to public services.  This cut has been attacked by Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson John Pugh.

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Osborne’s sweet and sour budget - Kramer


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How we're going to elect diverse MPs - Daisy Cooper

At Spring Conference our members voted to help deliver Tim Farron’s vision of a gender balanced and more diverse parliamentary party at the next General Election.


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