Lib Dems to support amendment on lifting public sector pay cap

This follows the Liberal Democrats leading calls to increase pay for firefighters, nurses and police in the wake of the Grenfell Tragedy and recent terrorist attacks.

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Poverty stats must be a wake up call for Tories

“These figures must be a wakeup call for the Conservatives, in Britain, 4.6 Million people endured persistent hardship and poverty. For all the Conservatives talk, these figures show they just don’t care and sadly, I think poverty is going to get worse.

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Davey: is government pushing ID cards through the backdoor?

Ed Davey said:

“The government announcement on EU citizens leaves so much in doubt. From the description it seems as if this is ID cards by the backdoor.

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Theresa May should be ashamed by EU nationals saga

“Far from being ‘fair and serious’, this proposal offers very little and shows the government is continuing in its callousness. Theresa May should be utterly ashamed this is the best they can come up with, a year on.

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2017 Leadership Election Timeline

This is the timetable for the 2017 Liberal Democrat Leadership Election:

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Shock revelation that Theresa May blocked EU nationals' right to stay is a "badge of shame"

The Liberal Democrats have criticised Theresa May as "cold and heartless," following the shock revelation she blocked attempts to guarantee the right to stay for EU nationals immediately after the referendum.

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Lib Dems table amendment on Single Market to Queen's Speech

The Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for Britain to stay the single market and customs union.

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Repeal Bill must not be a bonfire of health and safety and environmental standards

The Liberal Democrats have vowed to oppose any attempts to weaken workplace rights, health and safety standards and environmental protections as part of the government's Repeal Bill.

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Government's social care funding plans in crisis - Norman Lamb

Ministers are to consult on reforming the system of social care funding in England after Conservative plans were slammed as a Dementia Tax during the election.

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Trade Bill just a job creation scheme for Liam Fox

The Trade Bill announced in the Queen’s speech is simply a job creation scheme for Liam Fox, the Liberal Democrats have said.

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