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Tim Gordon writes: Taking action after the Gurling Review

The recent elections that we went through were tough – both for those who stood and lost their seats but also for all those who worked hard, all across the country, to fight the election. We owe a huge thanks to everyone involved – whether member, candidate, activist or staffer. Nick appointed a review group, headed by James Gurling, to look into the lessons that we could draw from the campaign. This report, based on feedback from hundreds of people across the Party, is available here.


An update on what Ed Davey's been up to

I write this while on a visit to India.  A few weeks ago I was in the US, and I’ve just left China.  Why?  These three countries are the world’s biggest emitters and the series of meetings I’m having all focus on paving the way for a global climate change deal next year.  In the UK, and with our partners across the EU we are gaining momentum for an ambitious deal, which I hope will result in a domestic EU target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.  But, the EU acting alone will not be enough – we need to take the rest of the world with us.

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Review of the 2014 European & Local Elections Campaign

After the elections in May, the Leader tasked a group with reviewing the elections, assessing what worked and what didn't, and produce recommendations to improve our campaigning for the future.

On Monday, the Review Group presented our findings to the Leader and later to the Federal Executive. I am pleased to say that they endorsed both the report and its recommendations, and we will now set about putting them into practice well in advance of next year’s elections. 


Save 20% on your travel to Autumn Conference with Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains are pleased to offer discounted travel to the Autumn Conference. You can save up to 20% on Advance Standard and First Class fares (subject to availability).


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Ed Davey writes: Investing in Green Energy

Today I published the Government’s first ever Energy Investment Report.  It shows how Liberal Democrats in Government have delivered on jobs and investment in energy – particularly green energy - and shows the plan we now have for this to continue for decades to come.

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Greg Mulholland writes: The first MP to play rugby for GB

On Saturday 12th July I had the huge honour of becoming the first MP to pull on the famous Great Britain white shirt with the red and blue ‘V’, and play for his country at rugby league.

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Liberal Democrat Party Awards 2014

Nominations are now open for this year's Party Awards. 

These awards are voted and decided by you, with the winners announced at our Autumn Conference in Glasgow.

The awards recognise the fantastic work our members do in our communities and this is your chance to tell us who we should be rewarding. 

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Why the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill IS compatible with human rights

As a party we care deeply about human rights. Left to their own devices, the Conservatives would have pulled us out of the European Convention. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, we have stopped that from happening.

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Conference and internationalism

For many years, Liberal Democrat conferences have welcomed the diplomatic community. The International Office’s Iain Gill and Peter Lesniak write about the meeting of the diplomatic and party political spheres.


Julian Huppert MP writes: Emergency comms data legislation

As a Liberal, I care passionately about civil liberties, privacy, and the need to limit abusive state surveillance.

But I also know that there is a need for the police and intelligence agencies to have the tools to do the job we give them - as long as they are carefully controlled, appropriately used, and proportionate to the threat faced.


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End FGM and forced marriage within a generation

Nick Clegg, will speak at the Girl Summit about ways to end FGM and forced marriage

Closing the gender pay gap

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Lib Dems win fight to tackle global warming

Liberal Democrats in Government have confirmed the Government's commitment to halving UK greenhouse gases by 2025.

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Lib Dems reveal the Facts about Tuition Fees

The Liberal Democrats have released a new Factsheet on tuition fees. Read it now.

How many Jobs near you?

Lib Dems have helped businesses create over 1m new jobs. Click to find out how many jobs are near you.