Our NHS is our most treasured public service and it is safe in Liberal Democrat hands. We’ll invest the £8bn NHS bosses say they need to maintain the high quality care you expect, free when you need it. And we’ll guarantee equal care and support for everyone with mental health problems, who have been left behind for too long. These commitments are so important to us, we’ve put them on the front page of our manifesto: our plan for the NHS is one of just five priorities at this election. 

We have increased NHS spending in real terms every year in this parliament, introduced the first ever waiting time standards in mental health and worked hard to join up health and social care so people with long term conditions get the help they need to stay healthy. Under Liberal Democrat plans, by 2020, the NHS will have the money it needs. Joined-up care will be keeping people out of hospital who don’t need to be there, and people with mental health problems will get help swiftly.

Our final priority in health is the carers who work so hard for their loved ones. We’ve invested £400m to improve respite care in this Parliament but we’ll go further: by 2020 every carer will get a £250 bonus, once a year, to take a break, as well as a carer’s passport to give carers the support they need.



£8bn for the NHS

Safeguarding the future of our healthcare services

Mental health

Treating mental health with the same importance as physical health

Better GP access

Keeping waiting times down