The Economist backs the Liberal Democrats

The Economist has endorsed the Liberal Democrats one week out from polling day. It says they “consider a vote for the Lib Dems as a down-payment for the future.”

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Five times Tim Farron showed he was the TV debate winner

In last night’s leaders’ debate, Tim Farron did what he always does: he held the other parties’ feet to the fire.

With style and substance, he called them out on their failures and communicated a positive vision for Britain’s future.

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Tim Farron wins the BBC TV debate

Tim Farron came out on top of tonight's debate showing that he is the voice for those people who want a brighter future than Theresa May's cold, mean-spirited vision for Britain.

He will stand up for the people of Britain on Brexit, the NHS and schools.

Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Campaign Spokesperson, said: "Tim Farron is a leader with principles and...

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Why isn’t Theresa May challenging Trump on climate change? The future of the planet depends on it.

As the Lib Dem Climate Change Secretary, I think it’s an utter disgrace that Trump is preparing to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement. He clearly has utter contempt for science and the planet.

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Theresa May must turn up to the TV debate

Theresa May called this election, but now won't even turn up to debate the issues. I think her elusiveness, just like her policies, demonstrates her utter lack of regard for the British people.

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Nick Clegg: May is snatching lunches from 250,000 children living in poverty

The figures, which have been broken down by constituency and local authority, show 260 children living in poverty are set to lose out in Theresa May's constituency of Maidenhead.

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Ryanair Brexit warning shows risk of "no deal" for UK travellers

He also warned that Theresa May's plans to leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice would mean Britain will leave the Open Skies agreement which governs flights between the UK and Europe.

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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's worst TV interview blunders

The Liberal Democrats have compiled the list of the biggest blunders of the Battle for Number 10 and the questions that May and Corbyn have failed to answer.

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15 Questions that the Conservatives must answer:

The Tories seem to think – if we ignore any difficult question – we don’t have to tell the public the truth. If they cannot tell us even the most basic things why should we trust them at all.

Theresa May seems to be hiding their real agenda from the public.

The Tories cannot tell us anything about their plans...

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Dementia tax could wipe out up to half the value of average family home

It comes after Amber Rudd said the Conservatives did not know what a future cap on social care costs would be, while refusing to rule out that it could be as high as £200,000 or £300,000.

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