Theresa May used to criticise the nasty party – now she is leading it

Theresa May used to criticise the nasty party’ – now she is leading it.

Regardless of the rhetoric, the Conservatives have moved to the right. The Prime Minister’s words about a pitch to the centre-ground are utterly divorced from her party’s actions over the last few days. The Conservatives are reckless, divisive and uncaring. They are the fence-building, snooping-on-your-emails, foreign-worker-listing party and that is something that most people will be revulsed by.

Each of the major announcements from her Party’s Conference will make Britain a less open, less tolerated less united place. They are the actions of a Nasty Party willing to play on prejudice for their own ends. Theresa May used to criticise the Tory Party for this approach, now she is leading it.

Here are 10 times that Tories have been the ‘nasty party’ this week:

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Government plan on foreign workers is nasty and should be binned

Commenting on plans unveiled by the government that businesses will be forced to reveal how many foreign staff they employ, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

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8 reasons the Conservatives are no longer the party of business

The Conservative Party has long claimed to be the Party of businesses -but, their track record since May 2015 shows that they are now anything but.

Brexit represents a massive threat to businesses and jobs, but Theresa May’s Government keep sending mixed messages about vital trade relationships and our Membership of the Single Market.

But it’s not just Brexit that’s undermining the Conservative’s claim to be the party of business. By putting in place new and unnecessary taxes and failing to tackle the real concerns of hundreds of thousands of business across the UK their agenda that is harming businesses ability to grow.

Here’s 8 reasons why the Conservatives are no longer the party of business:

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Tim's message for Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity for us all to reflect on Britain’s diversity and rich culture, as well as serving as a reminder of the inequality that still exists.

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Four things you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn's speech

Today and Labour party conference, Jeremy Corbyn gave his speech to Labour party conference - and it made one thing abundantly clear -  the Liberal Democrats are the only pro-European party now.

Here's the four things, you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn's speech:

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Liam Fox is a second class minister enjoying first class travel

Tim Farron has accused Liam Fox of being a "second class Cabinet Minister enjoying First Class travel around the world," after the International Trade Secretary was forced into an embarassing climbdown during a speech today at the WTO.

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Corbyn's lack of commitment to single market a "huge risk"

The Liberal Democrats have hit out at Labour and Jeremy for Corbyn for not backing Britain's membership of the single market.

Losing membership of the single market would hit prices, jobs and wages and the Liberal Democrats strongly back Britain's continued membership.

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Hundreds join Liberal Democrats following Corbyn reelection

Hundreds of people joined the Liberal Democrats yesterday following the announcement that Jeremy Corbyn had been re-elected leader of the Labour party.

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11 reasons Jeremy Corbyn is wrong on the single market

Two weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn suggested Britain should give up its membership of the EU’s Single Market - a position he shares with only the most hardcore Brexiteers.

The single market means it as easy to trade between London and Berlin as it is between Edinburgh and London. Within the Single Market, goods, people, services and capital can move freely, meaning there’s no lengthy customs checks, borders to cross and goods can move freely and cheaply.

Giving up our membership of the Single Market would be catastrophic for our economy and put millions of people’s livelihoods at risk. Even if we agreed a deal to allow access to the Single Market it would mean less investment, fewer jobs and no say over the laws that government our access, compared to remaining fully-fledged members.

Here are eleven reasons Jeremy Corbyn’s wrong to want to take the UK out of the single market.

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Give Bahamas and other tax havens deadline to end tax secrecy

Liberal Democrat Business Spokesperson Lorely Burt has called on Theresa May to clamp down on tax havens by setting them a deadline to open up their books, in the wake of revelations showing Amber Rudd was the director of two companies in the Bahamas.

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