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Understanding your organisation

It is important to keep the information about your organisation up to date. We will use this data to keep in contact with you, and to direct local members to you. The bank details on the organisation page will be the ones we send your membership rebate to so if it is wrong, you won’t receive your payments.

How to make edits to your organisation

Step 1

Click on “Organisation” in the blue menu at the top.

Step 2

This will take you to the Organisation page, where you can view details for your local party including its contact information, address, and bank details. To change any of these, click “Edit” at the top-left of the page

Organisation page on Lighthouse, organisation details, contact details, address, website and ban details displayed

Step 3

You will be directed to the Edit page.

Organisation edit page, edit options for email and address

Type your local party’s updated details into the fields that appear on the screen, then click “Update” at the bottom of the page.

You can update and edit all the fields, including webpages and bank account details.


  1. Have a look at your organisation page
  2. Make edits where necessary

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Time estimate
4 minutes

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