Providing affordable homes for all

Liberal Democrats believe that for people to live fulfilled lives they need a decent home at a cost they can afford. But that simple ambition is getting further and further out of reach for many people.

Britain has failed for decades to build enough homes, and in many places property prices and rents have risen beyond what normal working families can afford. We have to speed up house building and stop prices from getting further out of reach of families.

Liberal Democrats have a plan to get Britain building the 300,000 new homes a year that we need. This includes helping housing associations and councils to build more homes through better access to finance and at least ten new Garden Cities. We want a Housing Investment Bank to generate funding for new homes and to support for the construction industry in recruiting enough workers.

We believe the quality of homes matters as much as the quantity. All new homes should be built to a good standard and be sustainable, so that families are protected from leaky homes that are expensive to heat and have a negative impact on our environment.

As well as building more homes, Liberal Democrats want to radically reform the private rented sector to make it cheaper, safer and more secure to live in. Private renters now make up a fifth of the population and often have the most expensive and least secure living arrangements. We have long been calling for lettings fees to be banned for tenants and for stronger measures to tackle rogue landlords.

A lack of affordable homes and an inadequate rented sector has driven a rise in homelessness which is now soaring at a worrying pace. This must be tackled immediately before the housing crisis gets even further out of control.

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