Ed Davey in conversation

Ed Davey

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

MP for Kingston & Surbiton

Ed is a lifelong campaigner for strong public services, a fair economy and a thriving natural environment. He describes the core values that drive him as compassion, community and fairness.

Ed has been a carer for most of his life: first for his mum, who died of cancer when he was a teenager; then for his Nana in her final years; and now he and his wife Emily care for their severely disabled son John.

When he became Leader, Ed vowed to be the voice of carers. He draws on his long experience of caring to stand up for other family carers and fight for investment in the NHS and social care.

Ed was first elected to Parliament by the people of Kingston and Surbiton in 1997. One of his proudest moments came in 2003, when he moved the clause that repealed Section 28, a Conservative law that banned schools from teaching about same-sex relationships.

As Energy Secretary in government, Ed helped to quadruple the UK’s renewable power and make it the world-leader in offshore wind – creating good jobs across the country, tackling climate change and bringing down people’s energy bills.

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats since 2020, Ed was the first to call for a public inquiry into the Covid pandemic, the first to demand a windfall tax on the record profits of the oil and gas giants, and the first to propose a freeze in energy bills in the summer of 2022. He has led the party to four historic by-election victories over the Conservatives in Chesham & Amersham, North Shropshire, Tiverton & Honiton and Somerton & Frome.

Ed’s mission as Leader is to fight for a fair deal that puts real power in people’s hands and holds the already powerful to account.

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