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The Liberal Democrats are a campaigning party. Only by getting out and talking to local people can we find out about the issues that affect them and when people tell us they want to see a particular change, we work to make that happen. 

The other parties think they can just rely on your vote at election time, it's Liberal Democrats who work hard to make a difference all year round.

We're the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government and our activists around the country are working to deliver an open, tolerant and united Britain as well as local change too.

Back our campaigns today:

  • Being homeless should not be a crime

    Being homeless should not be a crime

    Being homeless should not be a crime. It's time to repeal the cruel and outdated Vagrancy Act.

  • Scrap the Windrush Cover-up Clause

    Scrap the Windrush Cover-up Clause

    There's a clause in the Data Protection Bill that would mean if another Windrush scandal happened - the Home Office could cover it up. Help us scrap this disgraceful clause:

  • Save Our Seas

    Save Our Seas

    8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. Let's end that. Join the campaign today:

  • Let's End Period Poverty

    Let's End Period Poverty

    Period Poverty affects 1 in 10 girls in the UK. In this years budget, we can end that. Join our campaign today:

  • End  the Housing Crisis

    End the Housing Crisis

    Add your name today and back the Liberal Democrats plan to tackle the housing crisis:

  • I want an Exit from Brexit

    I want an Exit from Brexit

    The British people should get the final say on the Brexit deal. Agree? Add your name:

  • Europeans' #RightToStay

    Europeans' #RightToStay

    Europeans in Britain, you have a right to stay. We demand the UK government GUARANTEE that they can. Agree? Add your voice to ours: