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How we work

As a party, we believe strongly in democracy, and this is reflected in our organisational structures. Our three main decision-making committees are elected by our members.

Members can also join party organisations, which are groups of like-minded people who share a particular interest or identity.

Federal Board

Chair: Sal Brinton

The Federal Board (FB) will provide a strategic direction for the Party, using the Leader's strategy as a base and scrutinising this where required. In providing this strategic direction, the Federal Board also monitors the work of the other Federal Committees.


Federal Policy Committee

Chair: Vince Cable MP

The Federal Policy Committee (FPC) is responsible for the party's policy-making process and for commissioning research and development, from which it creates policy papers for debate by Conference.


Federal Conference Committee 

Chair: Geoff Payne

The Federal Conference Committee (FCC) is responsible for staging Federal Conference – where party members have the chance to decide on party policy. 


Federal International Relations Committee

Chair: Robert Woodthorpe Browne

The Federal International Relations Committee (FIRC) manages the Party’s relationships with sister parties internationally and oversees the organisation and provision of training for sister parties outside the UK. In addition, the FIRC co-ordinates the work of internationally-minded organisations within the framework of the Party and advises the Party on international policy where appropriate.


Associated Organisations Review Group

Chair: Toby Keynes

The Associate Organisations Review Group (AORG) is a small group of party members elected by the Federal Board who are responsible for reviewing the functioning of Associated and Specified Associated Organisations (AOs and SAOs) and ensuring these remain compliant. The AORG also reviews applications for AO or SAO status, passing these to the Federal Board for approval.


Specified Associated Organisations

Specified Associated Organisations (SAOs) are groups of party members that share, or support, a particular identity. SAOs are approved by the Federal Board and are entitled to submit motions to Conference.


Associated Organisations

Associated Organisations (AOs) are groups of party members that share a particular belief, interest or cause. AOs are approved by the Federal Board.


English Council Executive

The governing body of the English Liberal Democrats, or ‘English Party’, is the English Council, which meets twice a year. It is made up of representatives of all the 11 English Regional Parties, who are elected at their regional conferences.


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