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Volunteer Non-Disclosure-Agreement

Where volunteers who are not members of the Party are handling personal data, they must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to confirm that they are complying the data protection legislation.

Examples of when the NDA is NOT needed:
  • Unaddressed Deliveries
  • Pre-Addressed Deliveries. The volunteers will no longer have the data once they have completed the delivery. There is therefore a low risk of a data breach
  • Labelling Envelopes. Again, the volunteers will no longer have the data once they have completed labelling and there is a low risk of a data breach.
  • Virtual Phone Banking in Connect. Volunteers are required to agree to the Connect User Agreement, which includes a Data Protection Commitment, when they sign up to Connect. All data is stored in Connect.
Examples of when the NDA is needed (not exhaustive):
  • Hand Addressing envelopes. Here they will have a sheet of names and addresses, which they will continue to have after they have completed the addressing. The NDA commits them to destroying / returning this data
  • Telephone canvassing from spreadsheets or print outs. Again, the volunteer will have a copy of the data and they need to commit to keeping that information secure.
  • Handling any personal data on a computer other than Connect Virtual Phone Banks
  • Canvassing with Mini VAN
  • Handling Canvassing Sheets

Signing the NDA

A copy of the NDA can be found here:  NDA form for volunteers

You and the volunteer should enter the following information on the form:

  • Volunteer Name
  • Volunteer Address
  • Date
  • Purpose for Processing (e.g., addressing leaflets, canvassing)
  • Local Party Name or Campaign (e.g., Constituency and by election details)
  • Sign as the Volunteer
  • Name of Witness
  • Occupation of Witness
  • Address of Witness
  • Signature of Witness

The witness should be a member or staff member of the Liberal Democrats.

The Standard Confidentiality Terms (pages 2-4) should be available to read by the Volunteer before signing, and made available to them if they wish to keep a copy.

The Standard Confidentiality Terms can also be found at Standard Confidentiality Terms.

Storing the NDA

The signed first page of NDAs should be kept in a secure place, ideally a lockable cabinet or drawer if you have one available to you. When it's convenient, please email a PDF copy as an attachment to: [email protected]  

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