Liberal Democrats

Federal Finance and Resources Committee

The FFRC reports to the Federal Board and is responsible for:

  1. planning and administering the budget and finances of the Federal Party for the forthcoming year and in outline for following years;
  2. presenting the audited Annual Accounts to the Conference;
  3. overseeing the administration of the Federal Party including its Chief Executive, headquarters and other staff; and overseeing the role of the Party as an equal opportunities employer and the maintenance of staff grievance and disciplinary procedures; and
  4. overseeing the Party’s compliance with external regulatory bodies, including the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner and carrying out the responsibilities established in Articles 9.6 and 20.3 of this Constitution in relation to the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 and as later amended.

The committee is chaired by the Board elected Registered Party Treasurer (Tony Harris) and also includes the Treasurer, the Party President, each State Party’s Registered Treasurer, the Chief Executive, a staff representative, a representative of the Parliamentary Office of the Liberal Democrats, and five further persons separately elected by the Federal Board.

Further details about the FFRC are available in the Federal Party Constitution (Article 12).

The members of the Committee are:

Chair and Registered Treasurer - Tony Harris 

Tony has twice been elected Party Registered Treasurer originally assuming the role in July 2018. In that role he chairs the Federal Finances and Resources Committee.

An entrepreneur and business angel, Tony is treasurer of the West Berkshire and Newbury local Party and a member of the executive.

He has stood twice as a councillor for West Berkshire District Council and is the elected Vice-Chair of Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council. Tony chaired Vince Cable’s corporate taxation group, was an active member of the 2015/16 Social Security Policy committee and regularly speaks at Federal conference. He is also the Honorary Treasurer of Regent’s Park College (Oxford) and sits on the finance committee of Kellogg College (Oxford). A recent graduate of the Universities of Oxford and Reading he is now completing his PhD at Cambridge.







Treasurer - Tilly McAuliffe 

Tilly was elected Party Treasurer in March 2021. Previously, she was Chair of the Lib Dem Business & Entrepreneurs Network for five years, as well as an active member of the Fundraising Board.

Outside of politics and fundraising, Tilly is an entrepreneur and a publisher. In 1999 she co-founded Think, a content marketing agency which has over 70 staff working across the UK. Tilly is also a non executive director of Welbeck Publishing Group and the PPA, Professional Publishers Association, and is a trustee of the think tank Demos.





Registered Treasurer of the Party in England - Richard Flowers 

Richard is a member based in Tower Hamlets, London. He is a Chartered Accountant working for a European skincare and beauty company. He's married to Alex Wilcock and helped Millennium Elephant to write his award-winning diary

Richard has been treasurer of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, Lib Dem Immigrants, and Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats. He's also been a parliamentary candidate in Macclesfield and a GLA candidate in East London.





Registered Treasurer of the Welsh State Party - David Collington

David retired in 2014 after a 40+ year career in Business and IT, having worked on many large scale business transformations. A specialist in Programme and Project Management for large IT contracts.

He joined the Liberal Democrats after the 2015 elections and has been an active member of the Montgomeryshire Party since then, becoming Treasurer in 2017. Has been the Welsh Treasurer since the middle of 2018 and was confirmed in that role again by the new Welsh Board in February this year. Served as Election Agent in Montgomeryshire for two Westminster Elections and Deputy Agent in Wales for last year’s European Elections.

Numerous voluntary activities outside of the Party include: Powys Community Health Council, the Mid Wales Arts Centre, Montgomery County Music Festival and the local Community Council. Has a strong interest in Choral Music and the issues surrounding Health and Social Care in Rural Areas.

He lives in Rural Montgomeryshire, used to be with Family and Pets - but the Children are now in Denmark and the USA, so lives in a large old house with Wife and Pets.

Registered Treasurer of the Scottish Party - Stephen Arrundale

Steve joined the Party in 2015, after campaigning alongside local party members and Parliamentarians in the Better Together Campaign against Scottish Independence. He stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in 2019 for the Midlothian Constituency, was elected to the Scottish Party Executive in 2020 and took over as Treasurer later that year.

Professionally, Steve is an experienced Management Consultant, operating on a Freelance Basis over the past 10 years between Edinburgh and London with number of UK and International Banking clients, he is currently working as a Programme Director with HSBC.




Staff Rep (elected by Federal party staff) - Jake Sampson  

Jake Sampson is the youngest ever elected councillor to Bedford borough council representing Newnham ward. Alongside this Jake is also the young liberal representative for the east of England sitting on the development committee of the region, data & administration assistant to the fundraising team and staff representative for the Liberal Democrats sitting on the FFRC committee.






Elected Member - Louisa Noël 

After joining the Party in 2016, Louisa became a local party treasurer and is currently treasurer for Hertfordshire County Coordinating Committee. She joined FFRC in 2020. Her background is as a banking and corporate lawyer, having worked at a major global law firm for a decade. Since leaving legal practice, she has been involved with not-for-profits and charities, especially in relation to maternity and parenting issues. Louisa lives in Hertfordshire with her partner and two young sons.








Elected Member - Mike Tuffrey 

Mike is a chartered accountant by profession and has worked as a director of finance for a national charity and latterly as a business consultant. He's a former local and regional party treasurer, a councillor and assembly member, and chair of federal party policy working groups.







Elected Member - Paul Walter 

A party member for 29 years, Paul has been a councillor on two councils for nine years and a candidate many times. He has been local party chair, President and membership secretary. He has been a regional returning officer several times. Paul has campaigned in by-elections all over the country and attended, and spoken at, many conferences. He has been a member of the Liberal Democrat Voice editorial team since 2012. Professionally he worked as an inventory and finance manager in international IT for 35 years. Since retirement in 2016 he has devoted himself to voluntary work and prolific “bucket list” ticking.







Elected Member - Oliver Forder

Oliver was a LibDem founder member and previously a member of the SDP. He is now in his 3rd term as a LibDem Town Councillor and have held numerous positions in his local parties.

Professionally, he was a Director of Kleinwort Benson, an investment bank. He has worked in America and Europe, including 2 years in Germany, where he set up a successful banking office in Munich. More recently he was owner of a financing boutique, arranging finance for complex international projects, as well as a Director of other companies, including solar generation and French wine trips!

He was Chair of Governors at a state secondary school for 13 years and has served as Chair and Finance Officer of local charities and community organisations. He is aged 64, married, has 2 grown up children, and lives in Sudbury, Suffolk.



Elected Member - Dave Hodgson 

Dave is the Elected Mayor of Bedford Borough (Unitary) Council. He was first elected in 2009 in a byelection has been re-elected three times since then. He serves on a number of sub-national bodies in his position as elected Mayor, including the South East Midlands Enterprise Partnership of which he was Chair of the Finance, Risk & Audit committee, and England’s Economic Heartland sub- national Transport Board.

Dave has a background as an IT lecturer in Higher Education and has also worked for the party at regional and English level. He has just completed four years as Chair of the Association of Liberal Democrats Councillors & Campaigners (ALDC).

He is an experienced campaigner having joined the party in the 1980s.



Federal Party President - Mark Pack

Dr. Mark Pack is the party's President and an author with books including 101 Ways To Win An Election and Bad News: what the headlines don’t tell us.

Mark worked for the Liberal Democrats 2000-2009, including a period as Head of Innovations. In 2015 he wrote with David Howarth a seminal pamphlet on the party’s strategy: The 20% Strategy: building a core vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Outside the Liberal Democrats, he has worked in IT in both the public and private sectors and between 2009 and 2019 was a communications and crisis consultant.

To contact Mark or to invite him to a Liberal Democrat event, please see here